Meditation – Workshops

Experience the Power of Meditation and Mindfulness 


With yourself.


Feel the energy of a process derived from an ancient school of meditation entwined with sports psychology and everyday applicability.

Simple, practical and immediate.

Three basic elements inherent in three everyday postures provide the practitioner with an opportunity to transform the moment and experience life changing awareness.


As a seed grows and blossoms into a plant with beautiful blooms, this practice as well, will provide a richness to your life as it unfolds.

Reap the Benefits

The benefits of this process may include and are definitely not limited to:

  • focus
  • greater inner peace
  • rejuvenation
  • sports performance improvements
  • inspire creativity

Additional possibilities:

  • become a better communicator ( this could be listening, speaking, writing or all of the above)
  • find greater illumination next time you read a book like The Power of Now, Conversations With God, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a passage from the Bible or a poem by Rumi
  • improve your ability to resolve conflict
  • gain deeper understanding of your emotions and/or beliefs that require alteration
  • see beauty in this world in some of your darkest moods

Workshop Format 

Adaptable to the intents of the individual or group

  • 3 hour Workshop
  • 1 day Workshop
  • Weekend retreat

NurtureUrNature Workshop Series

Heal Thy Self – Saturday Feb 10, 2018

A Path to Love – Saturday Feb 17, 2018

Transitional Tastes (coming soon)

Healing Gardens – Create Your Sacred Space (coming Feb 2018)

The Renaissance Man Forum (launching Feb 2018)



Service Roster

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