Healing Gardens

Creating sacred spaces to nurture your nature.

A healing garden can be outdoors in your backyard or in a dedicated room within your abode or place of business.

Taking over 15 years of operating a landscaping company (RisingSunLandscapeDesign.houzz.com) and integrating it with my experience as a Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master/Teacher, my vision is to create an area that is unique to you.

Commune, infuse and renew with the elements of nature’s beauty

Cedar deck, pergola, water feature, plants and accessories such as crystals, stones, chimes, bird feeder that resonate with you create the ambience of a nurturing environment that leaves you inspired.

Manifest the ideal environment to unplug, meditate, practice yoga, paint, write, etc.

Initial Consultation –  $350 to start – can include
– One hour via Facetime/Skype where pictures submitted by you or on on site feed will be discussed with my impressions and suggestions
– Your wish list of possible accessories and expected budget will be reviewed
– On site measurements/photographs will be taken for the creation of scaled drawings and details
– A time will be picked to meditate on the possibilities of your healing garden and 3 (maximum)black and white concepts will be created and a date for you to receive such concepts will be set
– Creation of a site plan


Creation of Site Plan 
– Includes coloured concept layout (overhead view, multiple side views) in 2D that display all features (plantings, accessories) to provide you with the near to real life image of your healing garden
– Project estimate and duration with tentative start date and materials list


3D Rendering – Add on feature starting at $300
Some people only realize their ‘Aha’ moment of the concept prior to construction via 3D renderings. Although the renderings are costly to create in perspective, they are in investment in the construction phase that can provide peace of mind with some details that get lost in 2D and result in multiple contract change orders with associated fees. A quotation on the 3D rendering can be provided based on your project at the creation of site plan phase.


Please note that every project, although similar in some respects is unique to you and therefore the pricing here is provided as a ballpark figure to facilitate your budgetary expectations.

Thank you

This service is not constrained by geography.

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