A Path to Love – NurtureUrNature Workshop Series


Covered in this transformational workshop:

  • What is a meditation on love?
  • Gateways and access points to love
  • The all encompassing challenges of love
  • Harmonization of masculine and feminine energies within
  • Yoga session dedicated to awakening the heart
  • Learn to meditate and understand the power and presence of mindfulness


Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. 



Note  –  This workshop is based on elements in the forthcoming book A Path to Love – A Paw Print for Living

  • Fee – $275 hst included (includes 2 meals and a journal)
  • Duration – 9am – 5pm
  • Location – NurtureUrNature Meditation Studio – 133 Wyndham St N Unit 302

This workshop is offered monthly and on a personalized date of convenience.

Thank you

Merlin X




Heal ThySelf – NurtureUrNature Workshop Series

Empower Yourself With Meditation and Reiki

In this transformational workshop you will:

  • Receive a Reiki attunement and Level 1 Certification
  • Learn about Reiki principles, history, Chakras, Energy Healing and contemporary perspectives about it in science
  • Hands on Application of Reiki on your self and other participant
  • Learn to Meditate and gain insight to the power and presence of mindfulness in healing
  • Introduction to the Relaxation Response as well as what it means to harness and reclaim your power in the context of healing


Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

– Hippocrates


Note – Healing is referred to as the restoration of balance and harmony which may include greater sense of peace, clarity, fulfillment and love

Fee – $350 hst included (includes manual, 2 meals and a journal)
Duration – 9am – 6pm
Location – NurtureUrNature Meditation Studio – 133 Wyndham St N Unit302
Date –   Offered monthly and can be booked on a personal basis.

Thank you

Merlin X


I Am Who

Hi, I’m Merlin X.  Catch me on a good day and I can be colourful like the bird. Catch me on a not so good day and you’ll see my wings have turned into crows feet beside my eyes from thinking too much.

That’s part of my nature. So is innocence, vulnerability, sorrow, peace, guilt, anger, mistrust and more. I’ve learned to nurture it through many healing modalities, meditation being a very significant one. Before I progress, when I use the term healing, although it can refer to healing of a wound, or emotional trauma; in many contexts it means to regain balance or center from general dis-ease. The beauty of a meditative process is that it’s definitely personal and allows one to empower their lifestyle and energy in a simple process, like sitting, in a fashion that is just for you.

My Purpose 

My purpose is to provide tools for us to come to a greater knowing of love for ourself and others that includes deeper levels of peace and fulfillment through healing arts and forums.

To free ourselves to see ourselves so that our actions, feelings, thoughts, words and connection are rooted in love.

In this space, the limitless becomes possible.

Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor

I’ve been instructing for 20 years. I’ve had great experiences demonstrating the methods in fitness venues, schools, acting academy and correctional facilities plus on an individual basis and in a group setting.

I published an interactive guide, Clear Your Mind, available on iTunes for do it yourselfers and as a reference tool for participants.

Reiki Master 

As well, I am a certified Reiki Master, offering a complementary process to aid in empowering your lifestyle.

Healing Gardens – Simplicity  Beauty  Power

Creating sacred spaces to nurture your nature.  A healing garden can be outdoors in your backyard or in a dedicated room within your abode or place of business.  Taking over 15 years of operating a landscaping company (RisingSunLandscapedesign.houzz.com) and coupling it with my experience as a Meditation instructor and Reiki Master/Teacher; commune, infuse and renew with the elements of nature’s beauty (cedar, water features, stone, plants, crystals, butterflies) that resonate with you.   Manifest the ideal environment to meditate, practice yoga, paint, write, play music, etc.

A list of services can be found on the workshops/services page.

Thank you

Highlights from My Journey

– Initiation into meditation in Thailand taking part in a 21 day sit in silence in a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, followed by a 10 day retreat on Koh Cheng learning alternative styles
– Instructing for 20 years
– Volunteered at Mimico Correctional Centre and The Don Jail instructing inmates
– Shared the process with a 4th Year Psychophysiology of Stress class at University of Toronto
– Taught at many fitness facilities in GTA
– Authored a number of articles on the impact and use of meditation/mindfulness in everyday living
– Published the interactive guide to meditation, Clear Your Mind, available on iTunes

NurtureUrNature is the cumulative effect of my experience and education in this arena of life.  I look forward to having a conversation with you about why you may want to engage in this expression of self(love) and how I can facilitate your experience for you via one on one, group or retreats that encompass multiple health modalities.  Kindly send a note to info@NurtureUrNature.ca to begin.

Emanate the peace and love within

What Would You LIke to Know


Doggie Distraction

In the process of meditation, one may become aware of the multitude of non-productive distractions vying for our attention.  This particular distraction known as Mustang, brings me immense joy.  It is imperative that we find the time to play.  Not only that, the presence of the dog diverts attention from self which can be a healthy commercial break from whatever is going on.

If you have a pooch yourself, creating a video which you can access easily (perhaps on your phone)  may be a welcome distraction  from whatever is not serving you so that you may get a renewed perspective.

In 2o13 in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, they discovered that workers who brought their dogs to the office had less stress and were happier with their job.  Most of us may not have that privilege but the suggested video creation may be a great way to channel this.

Doggie Distraction from Merlin X on Vimeo.

Depths of Perception – Excerpt from Clear Your Mind

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a card at Christmas with this passage on it.  A timely boost of support during a tumultuous point in my life and so profound.  This intangible quote became a rock from which I drew support numerous times while navigating that period.

For many of us, we think of meditation as a process that is done in isolation and silence.   Without a doubt, that is a great environment to access the purity of it and if we can create the time to do so, more power to us.  Last time I checked though, time seems to be a commodity that most of us never seem to have enough of.  There is a remedy to this.  One may find, that the meditative process reveals in time, that part of it’s nature and benefit lay in it’s ability to be fully integrated into daily living.  In my eyes, this is where the greatest effects can be experienced.

This wordplay demonstrates the semantical shift that can take place in an instant to evoke the power of meditation.  Nothing changes but a different perception.

Within the content of your life, at that moment, all there is that needs to be is there, to be content.

A meditative process can allow one to see things differently and more clearly.  Examine the concept of empathy, the ability to relate to what another person is experiencing (or has or will) with this example:

Imagine you are on the road and struck in traffic.  In front of you is a car.  Your gaze lands upon the back window and you see into the car.  Your depth of perception becomes limited to this.  To understand what is going on in front of that car all you have to do is look through their front windshield and view the road from their perspective.  Yet how many of us do this and see the world through their eyes?  Or do we allow the frustration at being stuck in traffic to color all that we see?


Winged Seed – Excerpt from Clear Your Mind


Timing is everything.  Upon arrival and settling into my quarters on the temple grounds, I met an American from Chicago that had just finished his 72 hour determination, the culmination of the 21 day sit in silence.  I asked him a number of questions about his experience and the two things that have always stayed with me were these:

“When you are finished you will look at grass and see green like never before.”

Then, later that day before he left, he gave me this poem by Markova accompanied by an actual winged seed (which I still have 20 years later).

The meditation experience is alive.  It is not a static process, it grows as you grow and evolve.  There is no set speed.  The poem is symbolic of so many things from being a teacher to the concept of time and legacy.

The winged seed is representative of the process of meditation itself and how it challenges old belief systems as the ground work or realization of new ones are born.  For example, the whole concept of failure and making mistakes resonates with me strongly.  The drive for perfection, the concept of purity and the quest of the mastery of consistency.  Not just in a sporting sphere but in every day living such as having an even keeled temperament  or the cultivation of relationships of all forms.  So many attempts, within each a gradient of achievement, some were bang on successful, others weren’t completed and then you have your abject failure.  There are also so many attempts that never took hold or just weren’t viable but still served a purpose. In nature nothing is wasted.