This site centers around self-love through healing arts and forums.

How-to, in various ways and what it may take.  It’s a process that is not a black and white definition but an ever-changing compilation of attributes that are situational and cyclical.  Humour, authenticity and mindfulness are some of the many themes.  Meditation retreats, nature and art expression are all part of an expansive fabric.

Commune.   Here.  In nature.  At a retreat.  Be a part of.  Share.

Breathe in. Infuse  Breathe out.

Moment to moment.  Awaken.  Evolve. Renew

I Am Who 


This is an excerpt from the post “I Am Who”

My name is Merlin…

My purpose is to provide tools for us to come to a greater knowing of love for ourself and others that includes deeper levels of peace and fulfillment through healing arts and forums.

To free ourselves to see ourselves so that our actions, feelings, thoughts, words and connection are rooted in love.

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