Fall Equinox Meditation Retreat – Bare Oaks


NurtureUrNature Fall Equinox Meditation Retreat 

A transformational weekend of self-love with Meditation, Reiki, Yoga and Great Vegetarian Cuisine


Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park


Friday Sept 22 at 7pm


Sunday Sept 24 at 7pm


Members – $680

Non Members – $780


2 people per cabin

Limited spots


Delicious vegetarian cuisine

The Retreat

– 3 styles of meditation and a perspective on mindfulness

– Reiki treatment per participant

– Yoga with Sam

– Fire pit and Nature Walk meditations

My Inspiration

I wanted to share something with you.  This retreat is probably one of the most authentic opportunities for resonance with the NurtureUrNature inspiration.  There’s a poem I wrote a long time ago that is part of my self-published compilation, Markings of the Soul, entitled Translucence.  I wanted to superimpose it on a rose because of the symbolism of the rose associated with the heart.  As the rose grows and blossoms, the inner depths of this unfolding of our heart becomes more exposed and we learn who we are and what our purpose is.  Our vulnerability, our nakedness, which is literally a part of the skin we live in, is something we embrace whole heartedly.  There is a tenderness and grace that inhabits our being when we spend time with our selves and allow our heart to be our compass and shine like a star in the night sky.   Another way of looking to nature for a viewpoint is the transformation of the gradually moving caterpillar ( I originally wanted to say slow but it’s not true, a caterpillar only moves at caterpillar pace otherwise it would be something else so it is only slow in comparison to something other and faster than a caterpillar) through chrysalis to be born anew to the soft and fluttery motion of the butterfly.

To join the conversation with Merlin, email info@nurtureurnature.ca

I am grateful to Stephane Deschenes, Bare Oaks owner, for welcoming my request to hold this independent event at the park and the opportunities it presents.

Thank you

Eventbrite - NurtureUrNature - Fall Equinox Meditation Retreat - Bare Oaks - Sept 22-24


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