NurtureUrNature Summer Retreat

Eventbrite - NurtureUrNature Summer Meditation Retreat


This weekend was the inaugural NurtureUrNature meditation retreat in Milton and the beginning of Summer retreat with a New Moon in June will also occur in Milton, Ontario.  The fall one will have a different venue, looking at possibly a camping retreat on farm land or different lodging, the specifics are being worked out.  Winter is being pre-planned, if my manifestation powers are on full throttle can you say California? That would be incredibly awesome and I have a great friend there to help me facilitate it. Otherwise it will be a warm, toasty cottage setting. All updates will be forthcoming.

The retreat format is meant to take elements of one of my initiations when doing a 21 day sit in silence retreat in Chiangmai in 1996, specifically waking up at a wee hour (4am) to a large gong but presently it will be substituted by the sounds of a Tibetan Singing bowl and not at such a wee hour.


Sleeping accommodations are provided for in a communal type open setting, it won’t be the 1/8 inch thick coconut hair mat that we slept on the floor of our quarters in the temple, you’ll literally be floating on air (mattresses).

The cuisine is fine vegetarian fare that is tasty and scrumptious.


There will be yoga instruction, individual reiki sessions, nature walks and a majestic fire pit meditation on the second evening and more to offer a well rounded approach to nurturing your nature.

The fee for this June 23-25 retreat is $595 plus applicable taxes. There are 4 spots available and pre-booking is advisable.

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For more specifics call 416-895-6797 or email

For those of you that aren’t Canucks, I do travel to offer these and can be booked in your area.

Emanate the peace and love within 🙂

Thank you,
Merlin (and yes my angelic host, Mustang will be there offering us all loving support and tail wags)


Eventbrite - NurtureUrNature Summer Meditation Retreat

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