Furry Bubbles

Furry Bubbles from Merlin X on Vimeo.

I was going through this clip thinking, wow…this is so incredibly breath taking and then…my bubble burst. Into the picture comes Mustang unaware of how important it is that I get the perfect video clip and he completely ruins it. That’s how I felt initially but as the clip continued I couldn’t help but smile. As he often does in his own unique way, he just brings joy to so many things. I was then comfortable with not actually posting the clip because it didn’t fall under the crisp and clean criteria that minute meditations are created for. You can’t achieve nirvana with the interruption of the curious canine. That’s when the real insight bubble popped.

When I was young I was a class clown. Always looking for a laugh or to stir things up. Somewhere along the line this shit disturber inverted and gave anal-retentive a new name. I’ve almost come full circle. I do have to make efforts to incorporate play and fun into my life sometimes because I get so enmeshed in things that aren’t. This minute meditation becomes a metaphor for the meditation process. Puppy is a distraction. Me, trying to be the perfect meditator forgot that life is not to be taken so seriously and that things are transient. Play, laughter , joy are just as important as peace and serenity. Peace is always there. The momentary distraction of Mustang is the transient nature of things. The calm, serene foundation that was there before re-emerges. The difference this time is that my engagement is light hearted and fluid. I’m not forcing the issue trying to capture or create the perfect moment. Everything is perfect as it is and the benefit of meditation that I required at that time is infused.

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