Depths of Perception – Excerpt from Clear Your Mind

A few years ago a friend of mine gave me a card at Christmas with this passage on it.  A timely boost of support during a tumultuous point in my life and so profound.  This intangible quote became a rock from which I drew support numerous times while navigating that period.

For many of us, we think of meditation as a process that is done in isolation and silence.   Without a doubt, that is a great environment to access the purity of it and if we can create the time to do so, more power to us.  Last time I checked though, time seems to be a commodity that most of us never seem to have enough of.  There is a remedy to this.  One may find, that the meditative process reveals in time, that part of it’s nature and benefit lay in it’s ability to be fully integrated into daily living.  In my eyes, this is where the greatest effects can be experienced.

This wordplay demonstrates the semantical shift that can take place in an instant to evoke the power of meditation.  Nothing changes but a different perception.

Within the content of your life, at that moment, all there is that needs to be is there, to be content.

A meditative process can allow one to see things differently and more clearly.  Examine the concept of empathy, the ability to relate to what another person is experiencing (or has or will) with this example:

Imagine you are on the road and struck in traffic.  In front of you is a car.  Your gaze lands upon the back window and you see into the car.  Your depth of perception becomes limited to this.  To understand what is going on in front of that car all you have to do is look through their front windshield and view the road from their perspective.  Yet how many of us do this and see the world through their eyes?  Or do we allow the frustration at being stuck in traffic to color all that we see?