Winged Seed – Excerpt from Clear Your Mind


Timing is everything.  Upon arrival and settling into my quarters on the temple grounds, I met an American from Chicago that had just finished his 72 hour determination, the culmination of the 21 day sit in silence.  I asked him a number of questions about his experience and the two things that have always stayed with me were these:

“When you are finished you will look at grass and see green like never before.”

Then, later that day before he left, he gave me this poem by Markova accompanied by an actual winged seed (which I still have 20 years later).

The meditation experience is alive.  It is not a static process, it grows as you grow and evolve.  There is no set speed.  The poem is symbolic of so many things from being a teacher to the concept of time and legacy.

The winged seed is representative of the process of meditation itself and how it challenges old belief systems as the ground work or realization of new ones are born.  For example, the whole concept of failure and making mistakes resonates with me strongly.  The drive for perfection, the concept of purity and the quest of the mastery of consistency.  Not just in a sporting sphere but in every day living such as having an even keeled temperament  or the cultivation of relationships of all forms.  So many attempts, within each a gradient of achievement, some were bang on successful, others weren’t completed and then you have your abject failure.  There are also so many attempts that never took hold or just weren’t viable but still served a purpose. In nature nothing is wasted.



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